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Now in our eleventh season Boca Jets Lacrosse continues to establish itself as a valuable presence within the community. Each year our roster of enthusiastic players, dedicated coaches and committed parents continues to grow.  Boca Jets Lacrosse is proud to teach its players more than just the rules of the game.  A fundamental goal is to promote sportsmanship and the true meaning of being a team player.  Through fundraising and community service endeavors players and parents have an opportunity to positively impact the community. Boca Jets Lacrosse has created Boca Jets Cares in order to raise funds and awareness to support specific causes that impact our Boca Jets family.  

Since its inception three years ago, BJL Cares has worked with the Headstrong Foundation (Blood Cancer) and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Florida Hemophilia Association and the Kid Safe Foundation to increase awareness and lend financial support to these worthy charities.

We are proud to announce that this year BJL Cares has chosen to support "New Charity" in 2015. BJL Cares looks forward to sharing with you the exciting events this season.