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Our Organization

How Boca Jets Lacrosse Got Started
The co-founders of Boca Jets Lacrosse, Don and Brian Clinton, have each been involved in the game of lacrosse as players, coaches, and/or referees for over 40 years. Their love of the game and the distinct need for youth lacrosse programs in the Boca Raton area led them to form Boca Jets Lacrosse in 2004. The first season enabled over 260 children in grades K-8 to play!

The program could never have gotten off the ground without the critical assistance and support we received from the South West Area Recreation Association (SWARA), Palm Beach County/South County Regional Park, the Florida Youth Lacrosse Foundation, the US Lacrosse South Florida Chapter,PAYS (the Parents Association for Youth Sports), and our sponsors. The founding Board of Directors included Chris Kane, Jack Light, Carl Epple, and Walt Zorkers.


  • Steve Finver – President
  • Tom Lynch - Vice President
  • Lani Davis--Director of Operations/ P.R. and Media Relations
  • Brian Clinton
  • Don Clinton
  • Adrine Penbe
  • John McClain