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Boca Jets Lacrosse Alumni receive All-American Honors

Our 2017 Academic All-Americans: Emma Braden and Elizabeth Lynch

Our 2017 All-Americans: Lauren Mazzamaro, Cameron Nagao, Tara Schecter and Kristen Zenor

Emma Braden

Class of 2018                                         

St. Andrews School




GPA: 4.471


52 goals

28 Assists

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Lynch

Class of 2018

Spanish River High

 GPA: 4.48


68 Goals

29 Assists

51 CT’s

68 GB’s 

22 Interceptions

112 Draw Controls

Lauren Mazzamaro





52 Goals

38 Assists

38 CT’s

50 GB’s

14 Interceptions

72 Draw Controls

Tara Shecter

Class of 2018

Pine Crest School




83 Goals

29 Assists

69 GB’s

102 Draw Controls

Kristen Zenor

American Hertiage






28 Goals

15 Assists

127 Draw Controls


Cameron Nagao

Class of 2018

Creekside High School

Cameron moved away last year

And earn both Academic All-American and All-American

No photo or Stats for the year available.


We also have some fantastic coaches at Boca Jets teaching our young ladies the fundamentals of lacrosse.

Jarlyn Mathews pictured with her two All- American-Spanish River Sharks.

Jarlyn Mathews: Is the coach for the young future All-Americans

Scott Braden:

Who is a fantastic coach taught all these All-Americans girls from Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

John McClain:

Boca Jets Coach

American Heritage coach who is taking his team to the State Championship next year