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Dear Families,
After a very long wait we are excited to kick off registration for our 2021 Boca Jets Lacrosse season. Our season will begin in mid-January. Be sure to register as soon as possible. Many of our age groups fill up very quickly and we don't want to have your child shut out of the 2021 season.


Registration will officially open on Wednesday October 14th and will close for regular registration on December 1st.  Registration between December 2nd and December 31st  will incur a $50 late fee.  There will be NO registration after December 31st. If you register on or before November 15th you will receive a $10 discount.


As we are all aware Covid 19 is still a very big part of daily life.  The City of Boca Raton has instituted certain protocols to which we must adhere.  Please be aware that these protocols may change at the discretion of our community leaders and elected city officials.


Players: All players must be wearing masks until they take the field for play. Once on the field their masks may be removed. All players must have their own water bottle and the sharing of any equipment is prohibited.  Water fountains are not available for use and at this time we are not certain as to the availability of the restrooms at Patch Reef Park. At the end of practice/game play players must immediately put a mask on and leave the field as quickly as possible.  Congregating and loitering is not permitted at this time.


Parents/Spectators:  While acting as a spectator if you are not able to socially distance yourself (six feet apart) masks MUST be worn.  The City of Boca Raton is carefully monitoring this and as such if you are unable to follow their protocols it could jeopardize our use of the fields.


We will be purchasing cleaning supplies for use by our coaches to sanitize the benches and common areas at the end of play (both practices and games).


At this time we do not know how our season is going to take shape with regard to game play.  We are working with other SFYLL teams to determine what we are able to coordinate. We are confident we will be able to have a solid schedule of games.

New to the registration profile is a City of Boca Raton mandated Covid 19 waiver. Please make sure that this document is read and acknowledged.



The age groups for our players are mandated by US Lacrosse.  This year our program will run boys and girls teams in the following age groups: U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14.  As always we are here to answer any questions. If you have concerns about your child's age group please contact us prior to registering. These age groups are NOT arbitrary and are determined by US Lacrosse. We must follow US Lacrosse rules for safety, insurance, and liability purposes.  Please do not ask to play your child "down".  We are aware that often a child's grade is different than other children his/her age.  Children must be placed according to age restrictions rather than by grade. 


Also US Lacrosse requires the collection of a mandatory fee.  This fee goes directly to them and the registration process requires “a stop” at US Lacrosse before proceeding with Boca Jets.   If you have to ask us for a refund for any reason please note that the refund does NOT include this US Lacrosse fee. Please be mindful of our registration policies regarding refunds and requests. We appreciate your understanding that we must adhere to our registration/refund deadlines. 

We also hope that you can respect our inability to honor requests to play for a specific coach/team. In addition, we understand the demands placed on parents with multiple children however, we do not look at requests to play with specific children.  The only request we will honor is that siblings that are twins (that are of the same gender) or fall in the same age category be placed together.  Additionally we are aware that parents may have multiple children playing in the league.  We do our best to place multiple siblings on teams which have similar practice schedules but sometimes that is just not possible.  


Be advised if your child has a scheduling conflict you MUST make note of that at the time of registration.  If we find that a team only has practices on a conflict day you will be eligible for a refund.  If you do not inform us of schedule conflicts at the time of registration there is NOTHING we can do once your child is placed on a team.  We do not know the days of practice at this time.  We do our best to accommodate schedule conflicts when we are told in advance however sometimes we find ourselves in the position where we are unable to offer alternative practice days.



If your child played with Boca Jets Lacrosse in 2020 please do not create a new account. Log in to the system using your previously stored user name and password. Then click your child’s name and register them for the current season in the correct age group. If you have any questions please contact us at Registration information can be found on our website at We are excited for a fabulous 2021 season.


Finally the following comes straight off the SFYLL home page which governs Boca Jets Lacrosse as well as every other rec program in South Florida. Those looking to change rec programs, having played with Boca Jets Lacrosse you must obtain a written release from us which we will send to the directors of the desired new program.  Failure to obtain this release will result in the removal of your child from a new program and he/she will be forced to sit out the 2021 rec season.  This is a league rule which we intend to monitor with great scrutiny this season.  A lack of transparency will only result in the inability for your child to participate which no one wants to happen.  Conversely if you desire to return to Boca Jets having played elsewhere you must follow the same protocol and obtain a release from your current which will allow you to again play at Boca Jets. Please respect this rule and follow proper protocol.  Releases are issued on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the directors.


There is no requirement for new players to participate in any specific program regardless of location.  New players may choose any program/location that suits them.  However, the league has determined that it is in the best interest of the league and their programs that players that start with a program (HOME PROGRAM) remain with that program for their youth experience.  Players moving to other programs because of travel coaches, or other reasons will lead to recruiting in the recreation league which is specifically forbidden.   Should the player's family move to a new town that warrants the change of program, the player is required to request and receive a release from the original (HOME) program.   All SFYLL programs are required to confirm release from the HOME program prior to registering a player from another SFYLL program.    Should a new program form in your home town that was not in existence previously, residents of the new town program will have the option to stay with their current program or move to the new program in their town of residence without the required release.   However, once players move they will NOT be allowed to return to their previous program without a release from their new "home program."


We look forward to seeing you at the field

Welcome to the Boca Jets Lacrosse 2020 Fall season and our 2021 Regular season. Our Regular season will be back at our fabulous new artifical turf fields at Patch Reef Park. Please register quick so you don't get locked out. Players that play in our Little Jets Season this fall, are also eligible to play in the regular season that starts in January. Please make sure you register for each if you plan to particiapte in both. We hope to so you all at the the field.



Don't forget to register for text alerts for infomation on field closures

Invite via Mobile Opt In (subscribers send a text message with the keyword below to 84483)





Birth date Age Bracket
Born on or after 9/1/2004 an up to on or before 8/31/2006 U14
Born on or after 9/1/2006an up to on or before 8/31/2008 U12
Born on or after 9/1/2008an up to on or before 8/31/2010 U10
Born on or after 9/1/2010an up to on or before 8/31/2012 U8
Born on or after 9/1/2012an up to on or before 8/31/2013 U6
MONTH 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
January U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
February U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
March U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
April U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
May U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
June U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
July U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
August U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14 XXXXX
September U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14
October U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14
November U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14
December U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U14 U14


Click Here for Registration Details





2018 Season Comes To a Close

2018..What a great 14th year it was for Boca Jets Lacrosse! We welcomed a lot of new players to our lacrosse community and said goodbye to four "lifers" who will take their skills and love of lacrosse on to high school next year. We are so grateful to all of our families who make the commitment to supporting their players in the love of learning and playing the game of lacrosse.

Boca Jets Alumni Excel

From being an original Boca Jet to Notre Dame and now the MLL Well done Garrett Epple

These four Boca Jets Alumni and good friends accounted for 346 points this year while playing at Boca High and Saint John Paul respectively. Mikey Clinton (89), Jarred Chaloux (70), Zach Frey (99), Shawn Gildea (88). Some of the coaches they had while at Boca Jets - Brian Clinton, Don Clinton, Gary Fuchs and Kelly Burnett.

Our League Boca Jets Lacrosse (BJL) participates as part of the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League (SFYLL). The SFYLL is made up of 15 clubs stretching from Miami in the south to Merritt Island in the north. BJL typically will play teams from Weston, Parkland, Davie, Coral Springs, Delray, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. The game schedule is produced by SFYLL in January and is published by the end of the month.

Girls & Boys U7 will typically only play teams in our backyard (i.e. Delray, Parkland, Coral Springs, etc)

Our League

Boca Jets Lacrosse (BJL) participates as part of the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League (SFYLL). The SFYLL is made up of 15 clubs stretching from Miami in the south to Merritt Island in the north. BJL typically will play teams from Weston, Parkland, Davie, Coral Springs, Delray, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. The game schedule is produced by SFYLL in January and is published by the end of the month.

Girls & Boys U7 will typically only play teams in our backyard (i.e. Delray, Parkland, Coral Springs, etc)


Again this year Boca Jets leads South Florida Youth Lacrosse with some of the most experienced youth coaches in the area.

Boca Jets coaches played college ball at Syracuse, Cornell, Hofstra, Duke, Colgate, Ohio State,Albany, Rutgers, MIT, and many other universities with renowned lacrosse programs.

Many of our coaches continue to play today as part of the Florida Lacrosse League.

Equipment lists

For those players new to our league the list below is the equipment you will need.

Please remember to bring a lot of water to each practice as water is not available at the field.

Boys Girls
Stick Girls Stick
Helmet Eye Guard
Mouth Guard Mouth Guard
Gloves Cleats or sneakers
Elbow pads
Shoulder Pads
Cleats or sneakers

All Saturday home games will be played at Patch Reef Park. The first game this year is currently scheduled for February 9th. It will be a Boca V Boca day at Patch Reef Park. At the present time we do not have the schedule from the SFYLL.

Please feel free to contact us at:

All correspondence will be answered within 24 hours.

We look forward to seeing you on the field.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

There is nothing better than a Saturday filled with lacrosse and fun at Patch Reef Park!

We can't wait to share the excitement with you.

Practice Information

The 2020 Boca Jets Lacrosse Season starts with practices begining on the 13th of January at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton. You will hear from your coaches tolearn your team information. All practices will be held at Patch Reef Park. Generally your team will practice two nights per week.

see your practice schedule here!

Game Information

The first game is scheduled to be heldon February 10th at home where we will play each other. All of our home games will be held at Patch Reef Park. We will have away games as well to play the other recreational teams within the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League (SFYLL). Away games are generally within a 15 minute to 1 hour drive from Boca Raton.

Once you are assigned to a team to a team you will be able to see your game schedule here!

  • 14U - Full field 10 v 10 (standard field)
  • 12U - Full field 10 v 10 (standard field)
  • 10U - Full field 10 v 10 (standard field)
  • 8U - 7 v 7 with goalie (7 v 7 field with standard cage)
  • 6U - 5 v 5 no goalie (7 v 7 field with standard cage)

Congratulations to our 2018 Clinton Award Winners

Girls Under 6 Hlatki Maddie Anderson Boys Under 6 Davis/Clinton Nico Slivey
Girls Under 8 Mathews Sofia Blanco Boys Under 8 Crone Johnathan Alexander
Girls Under 10 Sanchez Bella Anderson Boys Under 8 Sanchez Emmanuel Bravo
Girls Under 10 Cohen Kiera Derogatis Boys Under 8 Deering Leonardo Salvietti
Girls Under 12 Triassi Nicole Triassi Boys Under 10 Virtue Robert Frank
Girls Under 14 Clinton Katie East Boys Under 10 Burgan Ryder Schwartz
    Boys Under 12 Woods Bryce Cordoba
    Boys Under 12 Albee Lincold Graff
    Boys Under 14 Lynch Dylan McClish
    Boys Under 14 Burnett Camden Smith



Field Status
Mills Pond Park - Ft Lauderdale OPEN (6/12) 
Patch Reef - NE - Boca Raton OPEN (6/12) 
Patch Reef - SE - Boca Raton OPEN (6/12) 
Patch Reef - SW - Boca Raton OPEN (6/12) 
Patch Reef NE A - Boca Raton OPEN (6/12) 
Patch Reef NE B - Boca Raton OPEN (6/12) 
Patch Reef Park - Boca Raton OPEN (6/12) 
South County Regional - Boca Raton TBD (6/12) 
Village Park - Wellington TBD (6/12) 
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